H2H EVENTS LTD is dedicated to ensuring that you always experience an excellent range of digital marketing services offerings as you interact with us. The processing of your personal data is governed by the Mauritius Data Protection Act 2017. We follow strict guidelines and standards regarding the use of your Personal Data. H2H EVENTS LTD is as an independent entity has adapted its Privacy Policy to ensure that you are fully aware of our commitment to you. The full Privacy Policy can be found HERE .


We are dedicated to ensuring that your data is treated with the utmost care and regard through aligning policies, procedures, systems and best practices with our obligations under the Mauritius Data Protection Act 2017.


As you interact with us through our sites, we may ask you for personal data in order to provide you with the best service you seek or to optimize your browsing experience.
We have created this info page to ensure that you are aware of how we handle your personal data. We have tried to keep this page simple and interactive, but if there is anything regarding our policies (linked to on this page) that you would like to know more about, get in touch with us at:


Social Plug-Ins are small additions to the website that usually come in the form of a “Like”, “Comment”, “Comment” or “Embed” buttons. These buttons allow you to connect with activities and items on Social Media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

When you click on one of the Social Plug-In buttons, the corresponding data is sent from your browser to the server of the Social Media Company and your personal data may be stored there.

Therefore, please ensure that you review your rights and setting options on thesocial media sites you visit as your data will in addition be subject to their dataand privacy policies.


We will work on ensuring that your data is processed fairly, with duenotice and legally at all times.

  • We will not process any of your personal data unless it is absolutely and
    or legally necessary.
  • We will ensure that you are made aware at any point at which we may process your personal data.
  • If we need to process your data for any of the reasons stated in our Privacy policy, we will only use essential data in the performance of anyone of our business processes.
  •  In cases where you have provided us with your data, and where your data is stored for legitimate and legal reasons, we will ensure that you have access to your data upon request and will provide you with adequate opportunities to update the data that we hold about you.
  • We will ensure that, for whatever purpose you have supplied your data, our information and software security measures are adequate to safeguard your data
  • As custodians of your data, we will ensure to keep your information completely confidential and will not share any of your data with third parties outside of the legal scope of our relationship, until and unless you have been informed and your consent is obtained
  • If at any point, your personal data has been compromised, we will notifyyou within 72 working hours of detection of the breach.


Your personal data may include your personal phone number, your name, your email address, IP addresses, etc. Your personal data may also be collectedthrough plug-ins and cookies, etc.

We will inform you at any point where your data may be collected by us or by a third party. Bear in mind that certain data collecting additions such as cookies, are used to enhance your browsing experience. See our Cookie Policy for more information regarding the use of cookies on our websites.

If you are using our website, you will receive a prompt to ensure that you provideyour consent before providing your personal details. Please read the prompt carefully before clicking ‘NO’ or ‘YES’ to the collection and processing of your personal data.
The prompt will always include what type of data we will need to collect in order to process your request. More information regarding the collection and processing of your data can be found in the company policies listed above.

For all other purposes for data collection, not including the collection of your personal data through our website(s), we will ensure to obtain your consent in line with our Privacy Policy.

You may also decide not to share your personal data (on the website) with us, which is absolutely fine!

However, if you do send us an email with an inquiry, this will be considered as an implied consent to use your email address to provide an adequate response.

You will not receive any communications from us, unless you expressly provide your consent to receive marketing, commercial or informational material from us, save of course, solely for the purposes of responding to your inquiries or concerns or for any other legitimate and legal reasons listed within the Privacy Policy.


You can accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. However, you may not be able to use all the interactive features of our site if cookies are disabled.
You can find Information on how to disable or enable cookies by visiting


We acquire your personal data when you get in touch with us (on the site for example or through social media), when you visit our office, when youcommunicate your interest in one of our services, etc.

If you provide information to us on behalf of someone else, you confirm to us that you have the permission of the other person to do so and that they are aware of the contents of this notice.


We may process your personal data for limited reasons. These include where your express consent has been gained, during the performance of a contract, where we are legally obligated to, where the vital interests of yourself or others are involved or where there is a legitimate or public reason to do so.


Through the integration of our Data Protection Policies and Guidelines, we have created structures that ensure that all of your rights as a ‘data subject’ are fully considered and that your personal data is treated with the highest regard, whilst ensuring that you continue having a seamless experience with us.

Other than where legal or contractual restrictions apply, you have the right to engage in any of the following:
You may inform us that you have chosen to restrict the processing of your data. This means that you may request that for certain functions, we DO NOT process your personal data. However, in line with our data protection principles, we will not process any category of your personal data without a legitimate need to do so.

You have the right to rectify any data that we currently hold or process. If you would like to update or change certain data, please reach out to us. You also have the right to complete data if you feel that the data that we hold is not complete or is insufficient.

You may choose to request that all your personal data be erased from our system. If this is your request, we shall ensure that you are made aware that your data has been erased in line with our Erasure Policy. This will be the final communication from us as we will then delete your contact from our systems.

If you would like to object to the processing of your data for certain purposes, do inform us and provided that we are not bound by legal obligation, we will acquiesce to your request. If there are legal limitations to your request, to ensure that you are aware of these limitations, we may contact you via email to
communicate this.

You may ask for all personal data that we hold. We will provide a copy of this information, free of charge and within a reasonable time from your request. A copy of your data will be sent to you electronically in PDF. In certain circumstances, and upon request from you, we may acquiesce to your request to receive your data in a different format, provided that this is feasible.

If any of the above is a request you would like to make, please reach out to us:

If we fail to fulfil your request, or address a concern that you raised, you have the right to place a complaint with the Data Protection Commissioner.


A data breach is any activity that exposes your personal data to entities that should otherwise not be able to attain your personal data (entities to which you did not consent the processing of your personal data). A data breach can be an act of accessing or providing data by unauthorized entities or an omission to provide the security systems that should provide adequate security against unauthorized data.

We take data breaches very seriously! Where a data breach comes to our attention, you will be notified within 72 hours of our knowledge of the breach. In addition, an investigation will be conducted to assess where the breach happened and why to ensure that a repetition does not occur.


We will not knowingly collect, process or store the personal information of any person below the age of 16 without the express consent of the parent or legal guardian.


In line with our commitment to you, we would like to ensure you that you have the right to restrict, rectify or delete your data, depending on how your data was obtained and for what purposes it is being processed.

We are wholly dedicated to ensuring that you have a fantastic experience at all times. As such, feel free to contact us should you have any queries or concerns!
As always, we look forward to engaging with you!

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