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About WEA

Our awards recognize the outstanding achievements of women entrepreneurs who have made a significant impact on their industries and communities. Women who have overcome obstacles, shown resilience, and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities paving the way to the success of their businesses.

Women Entrepreneur Awards - Mauritius


What to expect?

Women Entrepreneur Awards is more than an event and has been carefully created to not only celebrate but also showcase, support and empower our female entrepreneurs, through a platform which highlights their work and achievement, irrespective of their sectors of operation and enterprise size.

Gain brand visibility

By participating in the Women Entrepreneur Awards in Mauritius, your brand will be on the forefront of a diverse group of people, including successful entrepreneurs, investors, the media and other key players in your industry. This exposure can help you gain more visibility and recognition for your business, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and growth opportunities.

Attract more customers

Being nominated or winning an award will show your potential customers that you are a trusted and respected business owner in your field. This can help build more credibility among your target market.

Increase profitability

By gaining more visibility and attracting more customers, you'll have the opportunity to increase sales and revenue. You may also be able to negotiate better deals with suppliers or partners, as they may view you as a more valuable partner. Participating in the Women Entrepreneur Awards in Mauritius can be a great way to gain recognition for your business and take it to the next level. As a nominee, your business will receive extensive publicity on our platforms.

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