Rima Ramsaran

Managing Director of The Flooring Feast Ltd & Consulting Success Ltd, Immediate Past President – Association Mauricienne des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises (AMFCE)​

Rima Ramsaran

Rima Ramsaran started her career as Lecturer at the University of Mauritius, in the Criminology / Criminal Justice field, when she was barely 25.  This was her first encounter with an environment where women are scarce and the experience was as daunting and intimidating as much as it was thrilling.  She joined the International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) in 2002, an international body grouping Police Officers and Practitioners the world over, in the midst of which, she took the floor in 2 international conferences and contributed an article on the Mauritius Police Force, in the “World Police Encyclopedia”, published by Routledge.


She then moved on for hands-on, private sector experience in 2006, in a timber wholesale company, which kick-started her professional involvement in the construction sector.  And after a brief incursion as Consultant for the private (Talents – Medine Educational Village) and eventually for the public sector (Mauritius Business Growth Scheme) for 2 years, she created her businesses in 2015. 


Rima is now a full-fledged entrepreneur, heading a Management Consultancy and a timber-construction company, juggling between the somewhat brainy exigencies of consultancy and the practical construction sites reality, and just loving the experience.


Side-by-side, in 2016, she started a journey in a mission that is very close to her heart: that of the economic empowerment of women.  Rima fundamentally believes that women’s financial independence holds the key, not only to their full autonomy from the yokes of patriarchy, but also from social poverty in the society.  She has been the President of the Association Mauritius des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises (AMFCE) between 2020-2023, and is today the chair of the COMESA Federation of Women in Business (COMFWB) – Mauritius chapter.

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